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"...the otherworldly electronic hooks and unique feminine voice brings a touch of something different. Despite having every element of your traditional indie-pop mixture, it is close to impossible to find something like this in the mainstream."


Rhi Ramsay, Music Existence

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"...This lush and full soundscape will meld directly from your speakers to your mind... the haunting sound gives way to an energizing beat that wakes you from your slumber...  the hypnotic effect of the song will let your mind search itself for new meaning and goals..."


Keith Pro, Indie Band Guru

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"... the band excels in the exotic art of experimental electronics and intoxicating dream pop, thriving on a diet of lush majesty... the female voice is sweet, haunting, and searing in equal measures and the singer wields it with absolute mastery... It truly is as close to a perfect album, in its intent to both challenge and soothe the listener, as I have heard in years. Five stars with no hesitation."


                                                                                                                                Rick Jamm, Jamsphere

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